Thursday, March 25, 2010

Toilet Paper - REALLY???!

Well, OK, so it's only the rolls from INSIDE the toilet paper that I used, but, still - toilet paper rolls? REALLY?

Yes, really. My friend Joanna had told me about these and even send me a link to a video tutorial on how to make them. I wasn't the least bit excited, even after seeing the video.

But, I decided to try to make one. After all, I had LOTS of photos left over from those family calendars that were sitting on my work bench. Might as well give it a try.

And I was suitably impressed with the outcome! REALLY!


This one was made using some of the photos of my fellow demonstrators and myself at various SU functions.

Here's the finished product - three TP rolls, flattened and embellished with DSP, ribbons, and lots of other "stuff". After the decorating part was completed, I used my binding machine to attach them all together.

These are great little photo albums to send to family and friends. You're being "green", too!

Here are some more photos. Notice that there are pull outs inside each of the rolls. I attached photos to both sides of each of them.

This is the inside of tube 1 and tube 2.

I used 3" x 4-1/2" Cottage Wall DSP (115671 $9.95) to cover them. It took two pieces, when I used those measurements. I just happened to have those already cut, so decided to use the new scallop edge punch - and then I overlapped the two pieces when I attached them to the tube.

I have scalloped edges on the top of one side and the bottom of the other side.

Here's a close up of one of the photos. Convention 2009 was Terri's first SU convention, and she decided she'd like to try and get her photo taken with Shelli, the co-founder and CEO of Stampin' Up!.

She got in line and they ended the line right after her. So, she stood there for quite some time. I joined her in line, and voila! I got in the photo too. Certainly not my intention, but I treasure the photo!

Between tube 2 and tube 3. That's Joanna showing off the new catalog cover, and me, modeling the beautiful Big Shot cut flowers that my upline, Jill, had given me as a gift.

And here's the other side of the same two tubes:

This is Sharon, trying NOT to get her photo taken. OH - and Susan's arm over there to the left.

Here are some of the inserts:

Not sure what happened to the orientation on those last two - hard to see, but this is how they'd pull out of the sleeves.

Hope you enjoyed this peek! I did another one with the Kidz' photos on it. Will show you some of it another time

Happy stampin'!

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