Monday, March 29, 2010

Fabric Flowers - Another Day, Different Fabrics

I offered to make my friend, Faye, a fabric flower. She always admires those that I wear on my clothes, when I go anywhere. Might as well advertise, no?

She wanted pink, and she asked me to make one for the (more senior than we are!) lady she helps out a couple of days a week. She suggested yellow for that flower.

So, without further ado, here are the flowers I made for them this weekend.

First, the pink ones, for Faye's consideration:

Each Mr. Big die has more than one flower shape on it, so I just cut out about 8-10 layers of different, matching, fabrics, then proceed to glue the pieces together.

This time I used hot glue. I think I had more control, since I'm leaving them flat, instead of folding and layering the pieces.

I did try that with these, and didn't like them as well.

And, I decided, since these are gifts, the presentation was important. So, I cut pieces of Whisper White CS a little larger than the flowers, and stamped them with the appropriate color, using the Petal Prints background stamp. I love that stamp! I punched holes using my CropADile, and threaded the pin through the holes to keep it in place.

And then I signed them with my "artistic alias".

Many years ago, there was someone from Europe (maybe a skier?), whose last name was Susanj. That happens to be my real first name and middle initial. So, I started signing my artwork with it. I had forgotten about it til I made these display cards tonight, so decided to bring it out of retirement.

Now the yellow flowers. Think these may be MY favorites!

I hope Faye and her friend enjoy these. I get the left-overs! LOL

Happy stampin'

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