Friday, March 5, 2010

Still More Calendar Pages

Third posting with the family calendar pages...

This is Laurel's page. Several pictures with she and her sister, Cathy, and one of the two sets of sisters - my great nieces, and Laurel and Cathy. This title for this one is going to be "Sisters!".

Laurel was fascinated by this dress made out of tea bags on one of their treks.

And finally, her enjoying a cocktail as they sailed out of New York on a cruise last year.

This is my brother's page in the calendar.

Walking Rusty in the fall and the snow, playing with a buffalo somewhere - I'd guess the saddle is probably in the same place.

And him enjoying a cocktail as they sail out of New York on their cruise last year.

And a page with the two of them together. The bottom right photo is from that cruise, the top two from their adventure out West last year, and a photo of them in front of a theater somewhere.

Evidently they'd gotten to see Singin' In The Rain.

Hope you'll come back tomorrow for photos of the rest of the calendar!

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