Thursday, March 4, 2010

More Calendar Pages

Welcome back!

Here are several more calendar pages, designed for the Days To Remember 6x6 calendar.

Here's page for me 'n The Kidz.

If you've visited this blog before, more than likely you've seen at least one of these photos - at least once!

Love the photo of the three of them sitting at the back door. I seldom get them in a photo all at the same time.

This one's all about me!

Shelli Gardner, co-founder and CEO of Stampin' Up! and myself at Leadership in Orlando.
Our group at Leadership in Palm Springs.
Our group at Convention in Salt Lake last year.
Patti and I clowning around at Palm Springs Leadership.

And finally, Joanna and I settin' on the porch at Manager's meeting in Houston several years ago.

This is Jon, my nephew's, page. He ran the Boston Marathon last year - way to go, Jon!

He also recently bought a house , so there's a shot of Jon, my SIL Laurel, and her sister Aunt Cathy, when Cathy came to visit this year. I appreciated getting a photo of this event!

And Jon and Rusty in front of the Christmas tree.

As I mentioned before, I'm SURE embellishments will be added to these pages before they find themselves on the way to Illinois to their new homes.

Come back tomorrow - more pages to follow...

Happy stampin' and scrappin'!

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