Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Family Calendars for 2010

Hi Everyone:

Had a busy weekend and didn't seem to find time to post. Well, I hope this post (and the next several) will somewhat make up for it.

Every year I make a calendar for my family members that contains as many photos as I can cram into them of everyone from the year before. I like having the ability to look back and see how much the kids (grand nieces) have grown and how the rest of us have aged. LOL

I thought I'd shown you some of my preliminary calendar pages, but evidently I had not. BUT, I've been toiling away and finally gotten the proto-type done!

I'm using the 6x6 "Days to Remember" calendars sold in the Idea Book and Catalog on page 159 (Item 104144 $9.95). So, I can start my calendars in any month I choose!

And it's a good thing - yes, I KNOW it's already March! And, YES, I KNOW I'm a little behind here!

I start "nagging" to get photos along about early October - I seldom get them til after Thanksgiving, when I'm in the midst of making Christmas cards and any other gifts I've chosen to make. So, the calendar goes on the back burner.

After all, I KNOW the current one is good until the end of February of the next year (this has become a pattern, you see...).

So, I generally start getting serious with them right after New Year's and Leadership. And I did. But this year, my printer decided to die (remember the electronics nightmare of earlier?).


The month/date info is all filled in on all four calendars; each month has been stamped and, in some instances, images have been hand colored. All that remains is to get the photos on the pages for the remaining three calendars !

Oh- and then decide which photo page will represent which month. This year, that's the last thing that will be done. Most of the time, I decide that first and color coordinate the 6x6 DSP with the months I intend to use them on. Not so, this year. Panic set in, and I just flew thru the photos matching DSP colors to the photos...

Here are some of the pages I've finally come up with.

The grand nieces generally get two pages in each year's calendars.

This is one of them for this year.

This is the other. School pics, and photos of their birthday ( their birthdays are 1 day apart - oh, and several years, of course!)

Grandma made the Hello Kitty cake, so it HAD to be in the calendar!

Grandma's quite handy in the Home Arts department and makes Halloween costumes, too...

This page is tied for the December.

I just couldn't resist including the wreath encased in ice, Rusty looking at us from behind a snow bank, and the beautiful shot of the trees covered in snow. Oh, and everyone around the table for Christmas dinner. Of course, this was 2008 Christmas dinner...

This is the one I'd originally decided was going to be December. After all, what says December more than a visit to Santa? And the shot of the kids opening gifts in front of Grandma and Granddad's Christmas tree? Again, this is Christmas 2008. Always a year behind, it seems...

Truth be told, there will probably be more embellishments added before these calendars are on their way to Illinois. You know us artisans! It's never REALLY finished... You just have to STOP!

I'll show you more of the calendar pages in the next few days. Stay tuned...

Thanks for stopping by.

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