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Monday, November 30, 2009

More Gift Cards

We had RAIN on Saturday! It was awesome. First measurable rain for us in 165 days.

The plants were so thankful! The cats - not so much. Interfered with play time outside.

It really poured on several occasions through out the day. I heard there was even hail nearby and snow up in the Laguna Mountains.

I have a real problem going out into the stampin' garage on a sunny day. I've tried many times, and the creative juices just don't flow.

But on a rainy day? Somehow, THAT'S the time - so I took advantage of "the flow" and continued creating gift card holders.

And then, after the rains finally decided to leave us, we (the Kidz and I) went out into the backyard to check on everything.

Once we were all back in the house, two of them took over MY chair in the computer room! Honestly - will these two never stop trying to fit into one chair!!??!

Melie actually crawled on top of Mudge and tried to KILL HER! Just kidding - but I'll bet that's how SHE felt!

Don't forget about my Christmas Card Stamp A Stack on Saturday 12/5 @ 10 AM and Sunday, 12/6 @ 1 PM!

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You'll need to let me know which session you'd like to attend via email (sslimak@san.rr.com) or phone (858-271-1924).

Looking forward to seeing you here!

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