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Friday, November 13, 2009

I Got It!

I got my first book made from our My Digital Studio (MDS) software yesterday.

It's a book entitled "A Tale of Two Kittens" and it was created by --- ME!

I showed you a few of the pages here.

I was SO PLEASED with the book when I received it! It came out, in many ways, even better than I'd anticipated.

Here's the front cover. I chose to have it hard bound, with the title printed on the spine, but there are other options available, if you don't like this one.

For this book I used one of the included Simply Scrappin' layouts, called Sunny Days. I added quite a few pages, simply because I have SO MANY photos of these Kidz, and it just seemed like the perfect way to show off both The Kidz AND some of what My Digital Studio can do.

I also added some cat stamp silhouettes that were included in MDS, that we don't even carry in rubber! These were a very serendipitous find for this book! You'll see them on the pages I linked to above.

I've been invited to bring my stampin' supplies and set up a table at my local Curves on Saturday from 8 AM to 1 PM. This Curves is on Mira Mesa Blvd., near Denny's, here in San Diego.

If you're in the area, stop by!

We'll be making a Christmas card for the Make and Take, and I'll have items out for everyone who's willing to make a Valentine's Day card to be sent to our troops stationed abroad.

I work with an awesome organization called "From Our Hearts" in supplying handmade cards for the guys and gals who are helping to keep us all free and safe. I've got a link to their website on my sidebar. Take a few minutes and check them out.

They're always looking for more cards since they support more than 200 bases! These ladies (and gents) put in a LOT of their own time to provide the cards. Many of them work a full-time job, as well!

They are the clearing house portion - they take already made cards or card fronts (those still needing some additional work). If it's a card front, they have a group of helpers who make it into a card, then add a regular mailing envelope and a clear mailing envelope to each card.

The regular envelope, of course, is to be used for mailing to friends and family.

The clear mailing envelope is to protect the cards during all the handling they go thru. We want those service people to have clean, beautiful cards for their use!

About three times a year, I try to send them completed cards to forward on. My next goal for shipping is December 31st, as I'm sure they're in the process of getting things ready for Valentine's Day.

The Christmas cards had to be sent by October 31st, so this sounds like an appropriate lead time for Valentine's Day.

If you'd like to help them out, in addition to cards, they can always use packing materials, and, of course, cash. They still have to pay the postage to get the cards to the various bases. And believe me, a 100 greeting cards with envelopes weighs quite a bit!

Come by Curves Saturday and help us out by making a card. While you're there, you can check out "A Tale of Two Kittens" for yourself, AND make a Christmas card for yourself.

I'll also have sign up sheets for my Christmas Stamp A Stack (12/5 & 6), if you'd like to sign up that day.

Thanks for stopping by!

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