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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gift Card Holders

Last year at this time I was cranking out gift card holders and leaving them at my Curves for people to purchase.

I had mentioned, while doing the circuit, that I made hand made cards and other items, and one of the gals asked me about gift card holders. I said, sure, I can make those!

I kept track of how many were sold. I sold 30 in a month! Now I realize this isn't a great source of income, but the exposure is good, so I just kept taking them, til they stopped selling. I did try a few for Valentine's Day, but they didn't sell as well.

I had forgotten about doing that, but when I had my Stampin' Up! products set up at Curves last weekend someone asked me about them.

So, I've spent my evenings this week making some. I'm using the Thoroughly Modern Designer Series Papers (DSP) and I really like how these are turning out using this DSP.

The paper makes all the difference!

And, I decided to go simpler this year. I got pretty elaborate last year and charged $2.00 each - they didn't sell as well as the simpler ones. So, this year they'll all be pretty simple.

Wanna see?

This is the outside - the gift card is opened up so you can see front and back.

This is the inside. The area where the gift card will fit is between my fingers.

This is one of the more elaborate I did.

This one's almost as elaborate.

Some of the others just have one thing on the front cover.

These are REALLY simple to make.

Cut your CS to 11 x 4-1/4.

Fold in half, then fold each half in half again.

Fold each end back towards the fold in the middle. You'll end up with a little book 4-1/4 x 2-3/4 that has a Valley fold, a Mountain fold, and then another Valley fold when viewed from the inside.

Then take the window punch and punch the middle (mountain) fold. You'll need to do this twice, since the punch isn't wide enough to fit the whole thing.

After you've done that, use the 1-1/4 circle punch to punch out 1/2 the circle, right in the middle of the area you punched with the window punch.

This makes a nice place for the recipient to pull the gift card out of the holder.

Then I decorated both the front and the back with DSP; I roller-stamped the inside so it wasn't boring. And I added the "To/From" info somewhere inside. You have lots of geography, so you can vary it from holder to holder.

You can add a decorated belly band if you like, but remember it will need to be a little loose, since it will expand once the gift card is added. Most of the gift cards from stores around here are plastic, so they're about 1/8" thick.

Of course, if you're making these for gift cards you've already purchased, you can simply put it inside before you make the belly band, and you'll be good to go!

Hope you liked my idea for tonight - need more info? Leave me a comment and I'll answer your questions.

Oh - I haven't posted any photos of those rascally cats lately, have I? Well, Melie thought he heard something outside the garage door tonight, so scrambled up into the rafters (he's pretty much a big chicken). And I got a pretty good photo of him up there in his "safe house".

Thanks for stopping by!

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