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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

And the Winner IS...

... Katie Giblin, from the local Curves!

A group from Curves was able to go up to L.A. on Monday for a taping of The Price Is Right.

One of the members had called and gotten tickets for our group of 30. When I was asked if I was going to go, I hesitated - and my friend, Donna, said "Yes you are!"

Well, to tell you the truth, sitting in on the taping of a TV show was on my "bucket list", and I hadn't ever had an opportunity to do this before, so I went!

Fun trip up on the bus... we played The Price is Right, so we'd have a feel for what showcases were going for recently. Good thing, too, cause they offered some comparable showcases.

We arrived at Noon, the taping was supposed to start @ 4 PM, but finally started about 4:20.

And all that time we sat - and we moved down the benches. And we sat - and we moved down the metal benches, and we sat - and we moved down the metal benches, and, finally, we sat!

Everyone gets interviewed by the producer while sitting in that interminable line - that's how they choose the contestants.

I really didn't want to be ON the show - I don't shop, I don't watch daytime TV - I just came along to watch the taping!

But everyone else wanted them to "pick me!". And they DID pick Katie, who is the owner of our Curves!

She's young, she's vibrant, and she's cute! She got to play the grocery game and didn't win that. But, somehow, (I told you - I don't watch the show!), she was eligible for the Final Showcase.

It was a trip to the Museum of Modern Art in New York, a trip to Norway to see "The Scream", and then on to the Louvre in Paris to see the "Mona Lisa"!

Quite a trip, wouldn't you say? Oh, and I believe it includes a 1 hour private tour in each museum, which would be incredibly cool...

She underbid the showcase, but luckily, the other person WAYY overbid his showcase, so Katie WON!

That is SOOO cool! And I got to be there when it happened!

So, CONGRATS to Katie! And, thanks, Curves, for inviting me to fulfill one of the items on my "bucket list"!

And speaking of Curves, here is the card I had a few people make while I had my Stampin' Up! products set up there on Saturday morning.

Yes, it's a Valentine's Day card.

From The Heart, the group that sends the cards to the troops overseas, had to send off all Christmas cards by October 31st.

So, we're now making Valentine's Day cards, with a goal of getting a bunch of them to FTH by December 31st.

Would love to have some help in preparing these cards! Come by on Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend, and lend a hand! Doors will open at 1 PM...

Here are a couple of shots of my set up at Curves.

That's Becky, standing at the end of the table, looking at my "The Tale of Two Kittens" book I made with My Digital Studio.

Becky works there on Saturday mornings. She used to be an SU demo, too, but took a full-time job, and something had to go...

But she still stamps!

And here's a shot from the other end of the table.

That's Becky's arm reflected in a mirror I decorated with Decor Elements pieces.

And, finally, here's Krystle, using that machine that just KILLS my knees!

Hope you've enjoyed the recap of my weekend spent with Curves people!

Oh - and to put the icing on the cake, I passed my 1000 Curves visit mark on Friday! I got a very cool pink t-shirt to celebrate the occasion! Quite a Curves filled weekend, wouldn't you say?

It helps keep you young. so you can

Keep on stampin'!

PS - don't forget about my Christmas Card Stamp A Stack that I mentioned
here! You can sign up throught PayPal right from this post.

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