Monday, March 14, 2011

To The Showers!

The Kidz have suddenly discovered the shower.

Not sure why they're almost three years old, and it's taken them this long to find it!

Velvet comes in to the shower when I'm done each time, and licks my legs dry for me. She's done that since she was a tiny kitten.

But Melie and Mudge... Well, either Velvet's more of an Alpha cat than I thought and has decreed the shower off limits for them, or they are much slower than I thought!

So, here they are, chasing something in the shower pan. Don't know if either of them caught it before it escaped down the drain (eeewww!) or what. I didn't stick around to keep tabs.

I also caught all three of them munching out on their breakfast the other day. It's really HARD to get the three of them in the same photo, let me tell you!

From top to bottom: Velvet, Mudge, Melie...

Looks like Mudge is eyeballing Velvet's food, but trust me, she won't go near the dish until Velvet leaves! Cause if she does, Velvet will more than likely turn around and bat her. She knows this from experience! Hee hee

And I FINALLY got a decent photo of Smedley (Melie) sitting up in his domain - the rafters in the garage...

He lounges up there even when I've got people sitting at the tables below, stamping. And every once in a while, he decides to come down while people are at those tables and manages to startle at least one of them!

He's a little shy of others, but lately, he's been letting people pet him, as long as they don't move too quickly.

He's NOT shy with me - he's a whiner! He constantly wants petted and brushed. He actually stalks me around the tables in the Stampin' Garage. Too funny!

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