Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Distressing Thoughts

This is our Distressing Essentials kit, Item 118762, $19.95.

It comes in this very strong plastic holder with a slide closure.

And here is a look at the "guts" of the kit.

There's a sanding block and an emery board.

These are for sanding DSP off the edges of chipboard, or roughing up something fairly flat.

There are three different rasps. A round one, an oval shaped one, and a square one.

You can use these to get in close around an alphabet piece, when you've adhered DSP and need to trim it down.

There are four ink spots, in colors that we don't carry in the regular sized pads.

The colors are Tea Stain, Charcoal, Mahogany, and Navy.

There is also a stamp in this kit. It's just a flat piece of rubber, which you adhere to the wooden block.

Its purpose is to shade the edges of things - you ink up the stamp and rub the ink on to the card stock in a circular motion, working from the outside in to the middle. Adds just enough color to make things look aged. Works pretty slick!

This is one of those tools that makes your stamping life a little easier.

Need one? Give me a call or an email - I'll be happy to order it for you next week when I put an order in...

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