Saturday, January 2, 2010

A New Year

Happy New Year!

Here's a photo of last night's Blue Moon. 12/31/09 San Diego, CA, USA

This was taken about an hour after it rose. Well before midnight, but ya gotta take a full moon when you get one...

The full and the new moons have always fascinated me. I sorta set my innards to them...

I can really understand why the natives of any land were attuned to them. What else did they have, that they could see change, by which to judge time?


I haven't blogged about gardening for quite a while.

That's because the fall here in Southern California is sort of a "rest period". So everything's been just sorta sittin' there, doin' nuthin...

So I spent some time pulling dead things down and putting in the re-cycle bins. The wind we had a couple of weeks ago (along with the rain) did some damage to my patio (along with bringing down both my sun shades and breaking a couple of their poles), so I've been cleaning up some of that stuff...

But the Winter - that is when things are starting to grow. We've had a couple of nice rains already this year, so the bulbs are starting to pop up, taking you totally by surprise, cause you'd forgotten that's where you put them!

That's what I love about blubs (ok bulbs!) - you just forget all about them until one day you go - hey, there's something growing there - oh yeah, that's where I planted the freesias - or the watsonias...

I have, over the years, invested in a LOT of bulbs. Some of them make it, some of them don't.

I'm particularly a fan of freesias. I love their smell, and they generally last quite a long time. Two positives, in my book!

And here's another blub. I haven't had these in many years! It is a Saffron Crocus. Isn't it beautiful?

Did you know that saffron is the most expensive food in the world?

There are three yellow stamens in the center of the flower - do you see them? That's saffron!

Can you imagine picking saffron for a living? Oh, my aching BACK!

They get their flowers before they get their leaves. Fascinating!

Another thing that fascinates me is wildflowers.

I've heard it said that one man's weed is another man's flower. And I'm sure it's true.

I planted my wildflower garden about a month ago. Remember? I was muttering about the biggest kitty litter box in the world.

Well, things are coming right along out there. Look!

Yep, those CA poppies are growing larger and larger. Those are leftovers from last winter's flower garden.

And when I was out there weeding today, I saw lots of little CA poppies, popping their heads up. Along with thousands of fellow seeds, all of which are too small yet to be identified.

CA poppies are very unique looking plants - easy for me to spot even when they're very tiny.

And look what else the rains brought!

Yes! Srooms!

I'd forgotten that I got a lot of fungii growing in the yard last year. And these have gotten even larger since I took these photos.

Tonight, as I was walking back and forth across the patio, I kept kicking them over. I have no idea WHY I get a lot of fungii... Anyone got any clues they'd like to share with me?

And here's a photo of one of my orchids that seems to be constantly in bloom.

I did try to take photos of other flowers in bloom, but apparently I've lost my touch - they all came out blurry... Guess I'll have re-acquire my sense of distance before taking more flowers photos.

If you look closely, on the lower right side, you'll see Melie - sitting still for once!

And finally, it was almost dark when I went out to watch the sunset and Smudge was sitting on some dirt along the fence. I spent about 5 minutes trying to take photos of her when I could hardly see her! But look at the results!

Isn't she regal looking? SHE fascinates me, too!

With that photo, I'll end for tonight.

I hope the year 2010 brings you everything you need...

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