Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Stampin' in the rain

Hi Everyone

I've been MIA for a while. We were having really heavy duty rain storms last week, and I spent more time stamping, and less time posting about it.

Here are a couple of photos of my backyard after last week's pounding rains. We had 4 different storms come through, and I swear each one was worse than the last.

After 4 days of rains (we got about 1/2 our yearly average of 9 inches last week) my backyard was just saturated and turned in to a pond.

The palm tree beside my driveway sure looked like it was going to blow over during some of the winds on Monday during the first storm.

And after 4 days of being confined to the house most of the time (even the Kidz didn't want to go out in that stuff!), Smudge decided on Friday that she didn't care, she was going to pick her way into the yard, using little "islands" of grass to make her way.

Melie, of course, decided it was nap time!

But all that rain finally, on Friday, afforded some beautiful clouds

and sunsets

I love weather! I watch the Weather Channel for hours on end sometimes, especially if there's a huge storm hitting somewhere in the U.S.

I understand from my nephew's wife that Illinois is now getting these storms - unfortunately for them, it's in the form of SNOW!


Susan and I went up to L.A. Saturday to the CHA show. Always wanted to go to it and jumped on the chance when I saw the ad. Great show! We both enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Stamping, scrapbooking, quilting and other fabric ideas. It was a big one, and I was afraid we were going to run out of steam before we'd gotten all the way through it!

On the drive up we could see snow in the mountains east of L.A. And of course, I hadn't brought my camera! I've NEVER seen snow there before and it was really low on the mountainsides.

I also heard them say on the news tonight that the town of Big Bear (about 50 miles away) is finally able to get people out and supplies in just today. Bet that was a weekend to remember!

I know we San Diegans will remember last week's weather for a while!

It's supposed to rain again tomorrow, but they've assured us it will be a quick rain, just rushing by. Hope so!

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