Monday, January 18, 2010

2010 Calendars

Stamp Club members gathered here on Saturday, and I taught them how to make the ruffly flowers using the Scalloped Border punch I showed here the other day.

I think they really liked them - as do I.

After they made the flowers, I gave them a 2010 calendar and a couple of coasters and turned them loose to make their calendars for this year.

They all used the flowers they'd made to decorate their calendars!

This is Margaret's.

And here is Bernadette's



Kathleen's - she added a bookmark to hers



And finally, the one I made as a sample for them.

Mine is now sitting on the top of the computer desk. I seem to always need a calendar for something, and this is the closest I can get it - and still be able to see the numbers! LOL

We in SOCAL are experiencing a VERY rainy week this week. The media is hyping it as the storm of the century, but aren't they all, until they've come and gone and nothing has happened!!!?

Our average rainfall here is 9 inches a year. They're telling us we'll get anywhere from 5 - 8 inches at the beaches THIS WEEK! And potentially, 20 inches in the mountains!

We're hoping it's a more slow and steady rain than constant downpours, since there were some pretty bad fires up north of Los Angeles earlier this year, which makes for messy, muddy run off, not to mention the potential for homes just washing away.

It did rain pretty hard this afternoon. And then about 5 PM, when the sun was setting, this is what we saw.

Out the back door, facing west

Out the front door, facing east

It was like night and day! I didn't see any rainbows, though...

Hope the weather where you are is OK with you - not that we can do anything about it, but it's nice if it to pleases you... Personally, I can live with an average rainfall of 9 inches rather than feet and feet of snow!

I'm planning to stamp while it rains! Hope you are planning to stamp soon as well.

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