Thursday, March 7, 2013

More Calendar Pages and the Mob Museum

Sorry I've been MIA - went to my upline Jill's stamping event in St. George, UT this past weekend, and of course, it wasn't just for one day!

Several of my downline live in Pahrump, NV, so that's always the first place we go - it's a little more than half way to St. George and room and board are very reasonable!  Besides, they were going with us, so we had to stop...  Ha ha

After Jill's event, we drove back to Pahrump, and the next day Susan and I went in to Las Vegas to go to the Mob Museum (downtown).  It's FASCINATING!  It took us 6 hours to get through it, and by the end, I'm sure we weren't really retaining anything we were reading.  Great museum - interactive displays, lots of photos, some film clips...  If you're at all familiar with the Mob's past, it was basically Prohibition that created their syndicates.  They were running booze (while it was illegal to do so, thanks to Prohibition) and developed their syndicate initially to accommodate that.  They have just branched out in to other avenues since then.

During the Kefauver hearings (mid 1950's) one of the hearings was held in Las Vegas, and the actual courtroom the hearing was held in is part of the museum.  We got to see and hear photos and dialog from the hearing.  They also had the actual wall where the Valentine's Massacre occurred many years before that in Chicago.

Just a fascinating place - you NEED to visit it one of these days!

Oh yeh - there are supposed to be photos of stamped items here, aren't there?

OK - here ya go...  more calendar pages...

Jim, Laurel, & I in Old Town San Diego; Jim & Laurel at the Fish House at the Embarcadero to help me celebrate my birthday; the last two photos were taken in Balboa Park near the water lily pond.

Jim had requested we go to Croce's - he's a big fan of Jim Croce.  We had brunch there - nice quiet little restaurant in the Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego.  The other two photos are from Safari Park, which is a branch of the San Diego Zoo.

Laurel and her sister, Cathy, at dinner somewhere up around San Jose; Cathy, Laurel & Jim in San Jose;  Jim with a huge cannon in San Juan, P.R. during one of their cruises last year; Laurel and the grand daughters (Maurgen & Zoe) out and about enjoying nature.

We made a lot of cards and other things at Jill's - I'll take pictures and post them soon.  Next time will be more calendar pages - still have 6 to show you!

Hope you enjoyed seeing how I do my family calendar.  Would love to see yours!  Just add a link to your photos or blog, if you're willing to share with us!

Thanks for stopping by - come back soon...


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