Friday, February 22, 2013

Calendar Girls

There are Katie & I at Convention last July; Meaghan, Robin & Caitee at my birthday party in October; another picture of some of my friends at my birthday party in October.  I also had a pinata (never had one before, decided it was a MUST for this birthday) but I'm not sure I got any good photos of that little event...

Here is one of the 12 photo pages I made for this year's Family Calendar.  I'll show you a couple more in today's post, with others to follow soon.

This year I had WAAAYYY too many photos to choose from!  Not complaining, but it makes it harder to choose which to feature!

I generally divide the pages up amongst the whole family.  And I usually have a lot of pictures of my great-nieces, so they get the majority of the pages!

Not this year!  I was a piggy and put myself into a LOT of the pages. 

Photos from 2012 convention!  Top picture:  5 generations of Stampin' Up! demonstrators at convention!  I'm sure it's not a first overall, but it WAS a first for me and my downline.  Middle picture:  Standing on the red carpet - all in the photo are either in my downline or live in San Diego.  Bottom photo:  Our traditional dinner at Olive Garden!  It's a MUST while we're at convention!
And, of COURSE, I have to feature my babies on the calendar somewhere!

That's Smudge in the upper left corner, Velvet in the upper right corner.  Smedley (Melie) is in the lower left and, ta da!  A picture of all three of them!   That's such a rare occasion, I always take a picture!

My brother and sister-in-law came to California to visit this year, so I was able to get more pix with more of the family in them.  And they'd taken THEIR family to Walt Disney World for a vacation, so, again, I got lots of pictures with multiple arms of the family all together!

Stay tuned for more calendar pages!

Do you do a family calendar of some sort?  If so, would you be willing to share with myself and my blog readers?  Send me a link to your calendars in the Comments section - would love to see what you do and get some new ideas!

Thanks for stopping by...  come back soon!


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