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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mob Museum - Las Vegas!

When we went to St. George for my upline's event in March, Susan and I also took a day to visit the Mob Museum in downtown Las Vegas...


Here we are as we entered the museum...

Before you even start your "tour", you have to go through the line up.  We had a museum guard take our photo...

Book 'em, Danno!

And I just noticed we have the same number - maybe that's good?  They'll get confused as to which of us they really want?

Here are Susan and I in the "Hot Seat".  

Of course, it wasn't really hooked up to anything, but sitting in it was a little freaky...

There was SO MUCH INFORMATION in this place - interactive, hands-on, written, videos, lots of photos...

This is the most fascinating museum I've been to in a long time.  I LOVE museums!  So much to learn in each and every one of them!

It took us SIX HOURS to tour this museum - but worth every minute!  If you're ever in Las Vegas and want something to do other than casinos, gambling, shows, etc, check it out.  Senior rate was about $15 as I recall - and believe me, I can blow $15 on a slot machine (a penny one at that!) in about 5 minutes!  So, SO worth the money.

And the museum is about a block away from Fremont Street and the Fremont St. Experience.  By the time we'd finished, it was dark and the Experience was going full blast!  We saw some psychedelic music from the 70's and some Heart from the 80's while we hung out for a while.

A fun day in Vegas!

Thanks for stopping by - come back again soon!

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