Friday, May 28, 2010


This is the cattelaya orchid that is the ONLY orchid I've ever been able to grow in the house.

It blooms once a year these days, but when I first bought it about 10 years ago, it was blooming when I bought it and then didn't bloom for about 5 years.

Turned out, it wasn't getting enough light! I had a big ole ash tree in the backyard, directly behind the kitchen that was blocking enough light that this poor thing never bloomed.

I ALMOST threw it away. Then I had to have the tree removed (it was HUGE, and the roots were cracking the patio slab). And wouldn't you know it - the orchid bloomed that year!

I learned, after some research, that one of the reasons people think orchids are hard to grow (they're not) is because you have to figure out the light level and humidity --- well, this one sits right above the kitchen sink, so obviously, it's happy with the humidity.

The other advantage it has is that it IS right above the kitchen sink, and because it's right there in front of me, it gets more attention (i.e., water!).

I have a couple other cattelaya orchids on the patio - they bloom intermittently. This year the brown/red one bloomed, but the other one never did..

I also have some cymbidium orchids - you know, the ones they use tons of for the Rose Parade floats. They, too are pretty easy - but I found out they don't like direct sun.

Another instance where it didn't bloom until I put it in filtered shade - gee, just like where they live naturally! Whoda thunk?

Here's another plant that I have above my kitchen sink. It's a hoya, and is being grown hydroponically.

This is a cutting from a friend's mother's plant - it's about 20 years old.

It doesn't bloom all the time either. But this year, I happened to notice the bloom and took some pix.

Notice the "dew" dripping from the flowers? I'm told that attracts bees and hummingbirds out in the wild.

I really don't have anything stamped to show you tonight. I've been making the Thank You ATCs that I put in the Stamp Club orders each month, but that's ALL the stamping I've done lately.

This weekend I'll be going to my friend Roxy's in Nevada so I spent a little time tonight gathering up supplies so I can show her (if she hasn't already seen them) both the Black Magic and burnishing techniques.

She's a stamper, too, so we always try to have something to share with each other when we get together. I'll be sure to show you what I learn from her, OK?

The master bathroom is coming along nicely.

"Dr Destructo", as I call him, has completely gutted the bathroom, and has pretty much put it back together this week.

Tomorrow he starts mudding the new dry wall. Then on to installing the tile, painting, putting down the floor, etc.

Stay tuned for before and after photos, hopefully next week!

Have yourselves a happy and SAFE Memorial Day weekend!

Stamp a little!

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