Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Richard - My Neighbor, My Friend

We all have those cards that we must make, but never really enjoy making.

Sympathy cards.

I, luckily, haven't had to make one for a very long time.

My neighbor of 23 years passed away last week. Not suddenly, but much too soon, and much too quickly. He was my "go to" guy. If I needed something (and I tried not to do that very often), I'd ask Richard, and he'd have a logical, well-thought out answer.

Once, several years ago, I asked him if he could fix this aluminum skillet I've had since I got married a zillion years ago.

The skillet's lasted MUCH longer than the marriage did, but it's one of my favorites. It makes an awesome fluffy omelet - you know - the kind you have to whip the whites, fold in the yolks, and bake in the oven. And cooks up those scrambled eggs like a dream, too.

After all these years, the rivets that hold the handle on, were getting very loose. Each time I used it, I was afraid the handle was going to break while I was carrying it from the stove.

I envisioned him having to weld it together, and didn't expect to see it for at least a couple of days.

Darned if he didn't hand it back over the fence in less than an hour. All fixed and ready for me to use again! Thanks, Richard! For everything!

I've been SO fortunate in having caring neighbors. None of them are "in your face" - just friendly, and there when you need someone or something.

My neighbor across the street, Polly, babysits my furry Kidz when I have to go out of town. She spoils them rotten while I'm gone - and they all come a runnin' when they hear her come to the door!

Each one comes in to say hi and then skedaddles - except for Velvet. She sticks around cuz she knows Polly's gonna make a huge fuss over her. Not that Velvet's not loved - but it's definitely a different kind of love from Polly.

I love living in my neighborhood. Thanks, Polly and all the rest of you.

And the neighborhood will sorely miss you, Richard. RIP.

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