Thursday, December 24, 2009


YES! We are now selling the VINYL we make the Decor Elements with as individual entities!

At Convention last year I chatted with one of the Stampin' Up! employees who was in the Decor Elements display area, and mentioned that I'd love to be able to purchase the vinyl for my personal use.

At the time, we were only carrying Decor Elements in white, black, brown, and, in some instances, red.

Well, I wanted more colors than that, and mentioned it to the gal while we chatted. In the mini-catalog that was released in July, we began carrying OTHER colors for some of the product! I told her I wanted THOSE colors, as well...

I also emailed my suggestion - just a few weeks ago. And, LO and behold, they showed up on the Twelve Days of Christmas list.

I've decided I must be psychic!

I was ecstatic!

So, you ask yourself, what the heck is she going to do with all this vinyl?


I just got the Tulipe die, so my first attempt at using the vinyl was to cut Gable Green vinyl on the Tulipe die.

This is a pretty intricate die, so I chose to use the negative design - simply because I felt it might be easier to apply.

Well, it took some time. I had to work out the bubbles, and at the bottom, I did have a little trouble working out the wrinkles. So, I just cut the vinyl, and overlapped it a tad. I will probably go back tomorrow and snip just a TEENY TINY piece out of that overlap area so it sits flat. And the next time, I may cut just a SLIVER out of the cut pattern before applying.

But, all in all, I thought it came out pretty well.

And then I got the scathingly brilliant idea (Trouble with Angels, anyone?) to cut a couple of small pieces of the Pixie Pink vinyl and run it thru the new butterfly embosslit! I decided to try the new polka dot Heart embosslit as well.


These are really slick! I cut more butterflies, just so I wouldn't waste the vinyl.

And then I decided maybe they'd look pretty good on the glass block with the Tulipe die.

I haven't applied all the butterflies yet. They're in the "mulling" stage.

I realize I COULD remove them if I didn't like how they looked, but I think I'll just let this sit overnight and I'll look at again tomorrow to see how I want to finish it.

But isn't this KOOL!!??!

So many Big Shot dies, so much vinyl - I need more ideas of what to decorate! Got any you'd like to share with me? Leave me a Comment!

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