Thursday, December 17, 2009

Decor Elements Ideas

I think most people look at our Decor Elements and think they can only be used on walls.

I'm here to tell you - NOT TRUE!

As a matter of fact, I've only put one or two of these on my walls. The rest I've used to decorate much smaller items.

Let me show you...

Here's a Charger plate (I have NO IDEA why they call them that, so please don't ask...) that I found at a local department store in their $1 section - there were actually two in the package, but I've only decorated one so far.

And here's a mirror that I decorated. I was trying to take a photo of it while holding Melie.

Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of a mirror without getting yourself in the photo? Nearly impossible! But Melie - well, he's another subject - he's allowed to be in as many photos as he looks good.

And here is a serving tray that I found in the local $1 store. It's not easy to take photos of reflective surfaces! LOL

I've still got my thinking cap on about where else I can use these for home decor. Off the top of my head: tiles, picture frames, glass blocks, bulletin boards, chalkboards...

And, don't forget - this week Stampin' Up! has the Twelve Days of Christmas specials in effect and you can buy the vinyl in about 18 colors! I'm so excited about this.

Stay tuned after Christmas, and I'll be using this vinyl with my Big Shot dies - who KNOWS what I might come up with!

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