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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thanksgiving & ORNAMENTS

I mentioned the other day that I'd gone out of town for Thanksgiving weekend.  I went to visit with several of my downline, who also happen to have been friends, BEFORE they signed up with Stampin' Up!

Susan, Mick & I drove from San Diego on Friday night.  Susan had to work Friday, so we left around 6 PM.  It's about a 5-1/2 hour drive to get to Roxy's, and, generally on a Friday night the traffic is NUTS!!

All those Los Angelenos (and other southern Californians) hit the road to Vegas on Friday night...  And they can't seem to WAIT to get there and contribute their hard-earned bucks to the casinos...

But this past Friday night traffic was very light!  Guess everyone had gone to Grandma's house on Wednesday and were spending the weekend.  Hooray!  We had a breezy trip over...

Roxy is actually Susan's downline (they've been friends lots longer than I've known either one of them, so it made sense...) and Roxy's friend Colleen, is HER downline.

We all got together on Saturday afternoon for Show & Tell.  Colleen makes lots of cards to sell to friend and relatives, so we got to see a BUNCH she has ready to mail out.  All very creative!

And I brought a box of things to share with all of them.  I think the best part about being a Stampin' Up! demonstrator is the sharing.  Very few are reluctant to share whatever they're currently working on - and very few object to anyone's CASEing their ideas (CASE: Copy And Share Everything).

So, I showed them all a very simple little gift card holder I'd just discovered on-line - and I'll share it with you in my next post.

Susan had decided before we left, that she wanted to make the ornament from the front of the Holiday catalog for her Bunco ladies - that's TWELVE of these babies!

So, we gathered everyone's framelits, Susan stamped her art out, and I started cutting them out.

You need 20 each of both the larger and the smaller ornaments for each ornament.  There are 12 people in Susan's Bunco group - you do the math!  That's a BUNCH of ornaments to stamp, cut out, and do the rest of the magic to turn them into these beautiful items.

OK, to be specific, we needed 240 of EACH of the ornaments in order to complete 12 finished items..

Roxy elected to cook the turkey while Susan and I toiled away stamping and cutting...  Which was OK by us!  We will get to eat the results of her handiwork in a couple of hours!

So Susan just kept a cuttin' and while she was doing that, I was folding them all in half...  When we finished (at 11 that night!) all 240 were cut out and all but 60 of each of them were folded and ready for her to do the next step - gluing them all together to create a 3-D ornament.

Roxy had invited a couple of friends to join us for Thanksgiving dinner.  Cheryl, standing alongside Susan, is an artist - I mean a REAL artist!  She paints in oils, acrylics and watercolors, and sells her items at craft shows in the area.  She brought a number of her things along to show us after dinner.  They were all beautiful  And she thought our ornaments were beautiful!  A gal after my own heart!  LOL.

I talked to Susan today - she's got everything glued together but the pieces I didn't fold.  They'll be the back pieces.

She said she might come down one night this week so I can help her glue these babies together.  I hope she does!  Projects always go faster when you're working and chatting.

And there's still plenty to do to get them finished, so I'm sure we can fill at least one evening, trying to complete them.

Oh - and all those people driving to Vegas that we missed Friday evening?  Well, we didn't see them on Monday when we drove home, either !  Yeehaw!  A record 4-1/2 hour return trip - and no speeding!  Also only one pit stop, but that was OK.

Thanks for stopping by  - come back again!

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