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Monday, November 26, 2012

The Cats & Pajamas

Wow - time got away from me again!  It's been over a week since I posted last!

But, have to say, Thanksgiving sorta got in the way, I'll use it as my excuse for this time.

I cooked a turkey breast and all the fixin's for myself on Thanksgiving, knowing that I had plans to go out of town for Thanksgiving weekend.  Now I'm back, and I STILL can have a turkey dinner!  Yee haw!

I'll share my Thanksgiving weekend in another post, but for this time, I thought I'd give you an update on The Kidz...

Not that any of them has changed in the past year (other than to get older, as we are wont to do!), but I do still get some cute pix of them once in a while...

So, without further ado, here they are!

Yep - all three on the bed at the same time!  Doesn't happen very often, so I record it for posterity each time!  And there, on the pillow on the right, are my pajamas...

Here's Silly Melie...  I was practicing taking his picture out in the Stampin' Garage and got this one.

Here's a better one.  The color of his fur reflects the flash from the camera so well, that sometimes all I get is a big yellow photo.  So, I'm learning (finally!) to not focus ON him, but to focus to one side or the other.  Here's another of him.

I know!  He looks mad or sad, doesn't he?  He was sorta pouting because I wasn't petting him - instead, I was taking his picture!

Of the three cats I currently have, he's the one with the most personality  - I call him my Clown Cat!  It's always fun taking pictures of him, because I never know what expression I'm going to catch!

And here's his sister, Ms Smudge...

I have yet to figure out WHY photos are upright when I bring them into the  folder where I store them until I use them, yet when I bring them into the blog, they're sideways!

Can anyone help me with that?

So, here's Velvet - she's sideways, too!

I even went back to IPhoto to check and make SURE she was upright (and she was!) before trying a second time to upload her...

And finally, here's what I've done with the canning jar from the Cannery Set Framelits (127822 $24.95).

When I saw the framelits in the catalog, all I could think of was putting photos in the jar!

So, here's one of my takes, using this accessory.  I also used spiderweb embossing folder on this card.

There are two of the three cats - in the jar!  The "meow" I used is long retired, but seemed the most appropriate for the card.

Hope you enjoyed seeing "The Kidz" again - I know I enjoy having them around!

Thanks for stopping by - come back again soon!

PS - if you can help me figure out why my photos are ending up sideways these days, I'll be your best friend!  LOL  ALL HELP APPRECIATED!

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