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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cuttin' Back In (con't)

Well, Blogger has changed since I last used it, and it was giving me fits and starts when I tried to schedule a follow-up post to the last one.  So, I gave up in frustration...  Sometimes I just have to walk again before I kill my 'puter!   LOL

But I'm back again.

So, you ask, what's MY favorite feature of the cutter?

It HAS to be the extra wide cutting area!

OMG!  You can cut a 12 x 12 piece of CS into a 6 x 12 piece with OUT pulling out the extender arm!

It's AWESOME to be able to do that!

I used to be a paper hoarder - are you like that?  I was always afraid to make that first cut, cuz I just KNEW I was going to screw up the whole sheet of paper...

Well, I don't hoard any more!

I now know I can cut a piece of 12 x 12 into 6 x 12 - and then the 6 x 12 into two 6 x 6 pieces.  And I can work with the 6 x 6 pieces and NOT MESS UP THE REST OF THE SHEET!  Woo Hoo!

I do that with most of my DSP these days.  It actually helps me use more of it, too - because I've got all those 6 x 6 pieces, just sitting in the package staring at me, BEGGING me to use them...

This past week I was playing with the Orchard Harvest DSP ( 126895 $10.95) and made a bunch of bags, boxes and cards.

Wanna see some of them?

Hold on while I go fetch 'em...

 First, one of the cards - guess I only took pix of this one - but I have more, so will put that on my list of things to do this evening...

Next, one of the boxes I made.  This was SO EASY (once I figured out the dimensions, of course!).  Made with a single sheet of CS and no scraps leftover.

Score an 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of CS (on 11" side) at 4-1/2.  Turn paper 180 degrees, and score again at 4-1/2.  Turn paper 90 degrees (to 8-1/2" side), score at 1-1/4.  Turn paper 180 degrees and score again at 1-1/4...

I tried to draw this in Word, but can't figure out how to import it, so that's going to have to wait til I learn how!  Sorry - but it's really easy - just take your CS to your scoring tool and do it!

Once you've scored it,  --> cut the center two scores on both sides of the box, fold them up, fold the sides in, and glue with Sticky Strip.  And your box is done!

OH  - if you want to decorate the box with stamps, you should probably do that before you glue it all together.  MUCH easier that way!  LOL

I've made a few more since this one and added a handle (1-1/4" wide, 11" long) to one of them to turn it into a bit of a purse.

And here's one of the bags I did - can't figure out how to re-orient it, so stand on your head to look at it!  hee hee...

Started with a small bag I purchased for Halloween ( and never got around to making into something!) and added DSP and some leaves I'd cut out of the Bigz die (127812 $21.95) and stamped with the matching stamp set (128087 $17.95 clear mount).

I'm very pleased with the outcome for a Thanksgiving gift bag!

So...  what have YOU been making lately?  Send me a link to your project - I love CASEing things from others!  Hee hee...

Thanks for stopping by - please come back!

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