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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Time and Again...

Thought I'd post something that ISN'T Christmas, although you could certainly whip these up to give as gifts, if you're still in need of a unique idea.

I took a plain ole clock I'd purchased at a big box store - I think it cost about $5.00...

When I was remodeling the kitchen, I played around with the idea of adhering decals to ceramic blocks to make the backsplash.  Never happened (and still not done!  LOL), but I'd ordered a variety of the decals from Olympic, so decided they would look good on the clock.

And I was right!  I did have to cut them up a bit, otherwise they were too long.  But when it came down to it, I just added the bottom pieces in between the top pieces, and all was right with the world again...

Then I took the white clock face off and stamped on it with colors that are in my bathroom ( this clock is for the master bath).  It's pink with light green accents.

I recognize some stamps from Creative Elements on there, and then I just added what I liked that went with them.  I remember I did have to stamp off on a couple of them or the color would have overpowered all the other images.

After I got it all put back together again (easy, peasy, by the way), I took it into my bathroom and discovered that EVERYTHING in there is white - obviously, the clock is not.  So I took it back out to my stampin' garage and sponged around the decals with Early Espresso.  That somehow seemed to make it look much better, hanging on the pink wall, and it still blended in with the white woodwork and vanity.

Here's another photo of it, a little closer...

It came out SO CUTE I may have to go looking for more of these and make another one!

Thanks for stopping by - come back again!

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