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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Pix Galore

Last post I showed you Days 1 & 2 of my 30 Days of Photos.  This post, I'll go through them faster - probably boring all of you do death - like looking at someone else's photos generally does!  LOL

Isn't that funny?  We take pix in order to share our adventure with others, but they really don't care, because they weren't on the adventure WITH us...

Sure, if you shared your adventure, the photos are interesting to those people - they're just something you didn't get to see from that angle, or pix taken of you that you hadn't seen as yet.

But to an outsider, those pictures don't mean a DANG thang!

Day 3:

This is the mail that's piled up on my kitchen table for about 2 weeks...  About 3% of this stack is bills.  About 30% are requests for money from the various (mostly animal) organizations that have my name on their list...  I've already thrown out the 40% that were flyers from grocery stores and fast food places.

And the balance of it? Just junk.  But it's junk with my name, address and goodness knows what else so I have to open, sort, and personally shred.  Can you tell I'm not really keeping on top of that task?  ha

Day 4:

The Kidz on the patio.  It's rare that I can get them all gathered together at one time.  I generally take lots of pix when I get that lucky!  I think I'd been out watering plants before this - and they all wanted my attention, now that I was done with that task.

Day 5:

OMG!  BOTH Velvet and Smudge are eating out of the "cookie dish" at the same time.  That NEVER happens!  Seriously - Velvet is 18 and Smudge is 8 - it's taken them 10 years to break down to eat together!

Day 6:

My Stampin' Garage.  If it weren't for this place, you would have never heard of me!

I spend at least two hours of each evening out there, creating, organizing, playing with new products, brushing cats, trying to find something I JUST HAD in my grubby little paws... 

If you're a crafter who is lucky enough to have a space of your own,  you know full well what places like this look like - generally somewhat controlled chaos!

My stampin' studio has served me well for quite a number of years.  When I started with SU, I stamped on my kitchen table.  I outgrew that when I had a bunch of things that needed to sit overnight for some reason, and the only place I could find to put them up and out of the way from the dog and cats was the garage.  Somehow, it just blossomed from that into having the garage be my Stampin' space.

I have 4 tables set up out there so I can do classes and stamping events.  It also gives me lots of room to spread out - not sure if that's good or bad!  Ha ha

 Day 7:

There's ole Smelly Belly on the table in the Stampin' Garage - NEEDING to be petted...  He's such a pesty nuisance, but I love him anyway!  He's nice and warm to cuddle up to on a cold winter night.  He ALWAYS needs to be petted, so you've always got a friend.  But he also loves to sit outside the screen door at night and taunt me that he's NOT coming inside, no matter what *I* want!

Day 8:

This is part of a Christmas angel I was making using our Gift Bow Bigz L die.  I'm sure somewhere I've got a photo of the finished product, but for that day, this was the photo I chose to share.

Day 9:

BEAUTIFUL CLOUDS!  And the sun was setting and making such gorgeous shadows.  We'd actually had rain that day or the day before, so had the treat of clouds.

Day 10:

We had monsoonal rains this day - but the rain stayed to the East of us - up in the mountains, and out in the desert.  This picture was taken from the front of my house, facing East, whereas the previous one was from the back, facing West.

Day 11:

Those cats again!  This time, I'd given them all a sprig of fresh catnip and they were lolling around all over the patio!  And then, of course, everyone needed to be my BFF!  LOL

Well, that's the photo trip for today...  I have more pix on my camera to be uploaded, edited, and shared.  I've also starting thinking about how I'm going to display these.

For the display I've already set up (which I'll share next time), I printed the pix out at 1.5 x 1.5 inches.  WAYYYY too small for anyone to see anything.

I've already got it set up for the 30 days, and I've used the Gratitude for Days Simply Created Kit on page 38 in the Holiday catalog, so I'll go ahead and finish it so I can display at our Fall Frenzy event on September 27th ( you ARE going to join us, aren't you?).

But, for posterity's sake, I think I'm going to print them out in either 2x3 or 3x5 and put them in my Project Life binder.  I may just copy the verbiage I've used on this blog to go with the pix -- or maybe change it up somewhat.  I'll know when I get to that point!

So, if you were to challenge yourself to a photo a day for 30 days, what would YOU take pictures of?    And how would you store them?  Inquiring minds want to know...

Leave me a comment!

Thanks for stopping by - come back soon!

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