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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Emboss Me

Do you collect things?  Things like embossing powders?

I finally found a way to store them OUT, where I can see them and remember to use them.

Whaddya think about this?  It's a K-cup holder that I found at a discount store.  It's perfect!  I have it on the shelf above my workbench, so it's handy to the heat gun and the VersaMark pad...

I've had some of my embossing powders for a long time.  The oldest containers had more of a lip on the cover, which meant they wouldn't fall through the hole.  On the newer ones the lid size and the container size are almost the same. So, I struggled with how to keep the newer ones from falling through.

What I ended up doing was to create "toppers" for all of them with their color names in BOLD LETTERING. 

I used MDS:  I created some punch shapes (if left alone, they are naturally the same size as the matching punch we sell), and filled the shapes in with the names.  I printed it out on Whisper White CS, and punched the shapes.  I used mini glue dots to attach to the lid.

This works for me - it's handy, people see it, and club members decide to do heat embossing more often lately.


What about washi tape?  Ya got a lot of it?  Wanna see an easy way to see it all without it's rolling all over the place?

How about this?

I used the Tag A Bag gift boxes (Big catalog, page 201).  I stamped along the sides of the box with one of our large roller stamps (all discontinued).  That's it!  Put your washi tape inside, slide on the plastic cover and, if you store the box on it's side, you'll have all of them visible to you!

I had an abundance of embossing powders, so the overflow from the K-cup holder ended up in another one of the Tag A Bag boxes.  These things are really handy to have around!

There are 8 of these boxes in the kit for $6.95.  Big catalog, page 201.

I seem to accumulate a LOT of little items, so I'm always looking for storage possibilities that keep the items out in front of me.  Outta sight, outta mind is SO TRUE for accessories.

Well, that's my share for today - hope it sparked some ideas on your end for using these little boxes - and, oh hey -- these little boxes ALSO work very nicely for gifts to others!  Just tie and bow and a label and you're good to go!

Thanks for stopping by...  Come back soon!

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