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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Patio Living

For the past 6 weeks or so, I've been lingering longer and longer in the evening, enjoying my patio.  I go out there occasionally, but not nearly as often as I have this summer.

It's been warm, not windy.  It's actually been cooler out there than in the house.  It's been just lovely!

I started cleaning/sweeping the patio over 4th of July weekend.  While I moved, I also transpanted, snipped pieces off and re-potted some into their resident plant, others into new pots, in hopes of getting some to grow.

The photo above is what it looks like after that exercise.  The plants seem to be happy, so I generally don't move them  But sweeping and cleaning, sure did make the patio look more spiffy!

I still have an area under the table to do - and every night that I sit out there, I remember it needs to be done - but by that time, it's too dark to do much!

That thermometer there in this picture?  It used to say Coca Cola, and I've had it for probably thirty years!  The clear plastic was so badly scratched that I pulled it off - and this is STILL a better thermometer than the newer one I bought a couple of years ago.  So, now I have two.

The plants in my backyard MUST thrive under neglect!  It's a cardinal rule here at my house.   I've been very vigilant about being out there this summer, but come fall, when the winds get chillier, it's gonna be harder to convince myself to sit out there.  When I sit, I look; when I look, I envision changes...

So I've started taking my iPad out there with me - to make notes on the changes I want to make on the patio, or elsewhere in the yard.

I also make lists of other things I want to accomplish, and the steps necessary to pull them off successfully.  As you can imagine, I have a LOT of lists!  Too bad I forget to look at them sometimes!   LOL

I guess my love of gardening transfers to my stamping, too!  I'm a real FLOWER GIRL - as is evident from the cards that were made at my monthly card class a couple of months ago.  It's really difficult for me to step out of my comfort zone and NOT make cards using flowers.

The stamp sets using flowers are always the ones that appeal to me first, so I indulge myself - a lot!

Next on the agenda - some of the sets that DON'T contain flowers!  But Christmas is coming, and so is the Holiday catalog.  So, maybe I'll go off on a Christmas/Thanksgiving/Halloween tangent instead.

In fact, I just got my big pre-order from the Holiday catalog today, so you can bet I'll be playing with my new toys!  Will post some pix next week, after Stamp Club and a meeting with some of my fellow demonstrators for the Fall Frenzy paper crafting event we plan to hold on September 27th - SAVE THE DATE!

I just re-read my last blog post and guess what?  I FORGOT ABOUT MY PICTURE EACH DAY plan.  So, here it is, August 7th.  Should I cheat and go take pictures for 1-7 to catch up or wait until September and just start fresh?  Whaddya think?

Thanks for stopping by...  Come back soon!

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