Friday, February 24, 2012

The 2012 Family Calendar

When I posted last, I shared one of the pages from this year's Family Calendar.

I've made this calendar for us (and/or for ME) for about 10 years now. It's always fun and it ALWAYS takes me forever to be satisfied with my creation - seems like there's always one more thing I'd like to do before I'll consider it finished...

And then one day, I look at a REAL calendar and realize I'd better get this thing finished, or it's going to qualify for NEXT year's calendar!

I finally reached that point with this year's calendar and submitted it to be printed.

I debated whether or not to go ahead and order the other three copies at the same time - I had planned to get my proto-type printed and then make corrections where necessary.

But, at the last minute I decided, what the heck, just go for it! So, I ordered all four copies.

I'm very pleased with the final results!

Oh sure, there are a few things I'll change for next year's calendar - like not make the photos so small. My old eyes can barely see them - and I worked with them full size, so I KNOW those pictures! But my brother commented about the same thing, so, yes, next year, I'll be a little more selective about the photos AND their size!

Want to see a couple of pages from this year's calendar?

This is the calendar page for July. I walked across the stage at Convention this year, having earned my 20 year pin with Stampin' Up! YES! I can't believe it myself... Seems like just yesterday I was a novice demonstrator...

I've had a lot of fun being a demonstrator and met some of the nicest people because of it! Most of my current close friends are fellow demonstrators! It just seems to work that way... Maybe because we're all crazy about the same thing - those funky little rubber stamps! Ha ha

And of course, my Kidz have all become "demonstrators" as well - look at Melie sitting in a shoebox - being my current shoebox swap! Thank goodness no one took me up on that! I'd miss him!

And I really like the picture of Smudge, looking down at me from on top of the patio roof... She's so silly...

Here's another page from the calendar:

These are photos from my Alaskan cruise last August with my brother and sister-in-law. I took Flat Mamma (my mom) along too - so she could enjoy it with us. And I took a few pictures of the food they served on the ship. That desert was called the Love Boat or something like that - and it was delicious!

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