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Monday, October 24, 2011


About 3 months ago, Faye, the Curves attendent where I belong, asked me if I could help her think of a way to store the members' bingo cards she wanted to use for a game at the gym.

It typically takes quite a while before someone gets a Bingo, so, a safe storage place for the duration was a must.

Last year, she hung large sheet of paper on the wall, and we just adhered our card to the paper, and checked off squares as we were able.

But this year, that wall space has been taken up with other things.

She suggested she'd like to keep them in a box (recipe card size, maybe?) and that she wanted dividers.

She wanted 26 - one for each letter of the alphabet.

So, I came home and thought about it, measured a bingo card, scrounged around in the Stampin' Garage and found enough cardboard, left over from tablet backs and other things, to make one for each alphabet letter.

I had punched out a number of sets of letters using the Naturally Serif alphabet for the Big Shot a while back. I've been keeping them in a storage container that I use for my Swarovski crystals, so it makes it a little easier to find an "A", without sorting through ALL those I've punched.

So, I glued some Designer Series Paper to each of the cardboard backs and added the appropriate letter and took them to her. She liked them!

Then we found out that the box she'd wanted to use wasn't big enough, so I scrounged around in the Stampin' Garage again, and found a box that used to house envelopes that was PERFECT! And, it had a lid, so once this year's game was over she could store the whole thing until the next time she wanted to bring the game out.

So, I covered the box with Gray CS, stamped a Bingo Card image and spelled out "Bingo Cards" in a larger font, added some side decorations made using the Lace Ribbon Border punch, along with a button for dimension, and took it in to her. She loved it! What do you think?

I thought it came out pretty good!

While I was putzing around making this, I also stamped the Bingo card stamp on Whisper White CS and used the Jolly Bingo Bits stamp set.

Wouldn't this make a nice game to be given as a Christmas gift?

Stamp up 6-8 cards and laminate them. Create a master set of the all the Bingo Bits, wrap them nicely, and voila! A great gift!

We also have a set for Halloween called Spooky Bingo Bits. I keep thinking there might be yet another set of stamps that are the same size as these in the catalog, but didn't dig around to see what it might be called.

Hey - you could use them ALL on the Bingo cards, provide a master set of all of them and use these year - round! That would keep everyone on their toes, wouldn't it?

BTW - what did you think of my Shoe Box Swap from the other day? Would YOU swap with me?

Thanks for stopping by - come back soon!

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