Monday, April 19, 2010

Yeh, I'm Still Alive

Sorry - I've been very busy being a "gopher" lately.

I hired someone to install a shower head in the bathroom that only had a tub.

Well, as you can well imagine, that one little "thing" escalated to a whole bathroom renovation! And in the process, I got to "gopher" a lot of things from Home Depot and Lowe's!

It's complete now, and it came out BEAUTIFULLY!

Here are some before and after photos...


I had painted and papered this bathroom about 10 years ago. I LOVED the color, which doesn't come out very well in these photos. These two are the best of the lot, to show the color.

But, with the addition of a showerhead and the necessary shower tiles, it quickly became apparent this color was tired and needed to be replaced.

And then, I decided to get a new vanity, and new flooring, and...

Well, you know how it goes - it becomes a SNOWBALL! Cuz once you've got the new paint, vanity, and flooring, you now need new rugs and a new shower curtain, and, of course, the shower needs all the amenities!

Here are some of the DURING and AFTER pix:

I chose a color called Desert Sandstone this time around. Then I decided I needed a little less of that color in this small room, and chose a complementary, lighter color in the same tone. Used the darker color for an accent wall, and the other color for the other three walls.

The new vanity is a complementary color to the existing (and not replaced) mirror/medicine chest. And, after much consideration, I decided to go with a vanity that is half as deep as the previous one was. It makes the room look SO much bigger!

Of course, I also have less storage space now... And I have THREE big boxes of "stuff" that I took out of the old bathroom that I'll need to do something with.

And see that yellow item on the top of the toilet? That was a gift I received at the Manager's meeting at Leadership in January! I'm still debating how to use it in the bathroom, but the color works well with the other things I've put in there.

I finally found a shower curtain that I like today. And while going through my closet looking for a specific thing to hang in there, I found a treasure I'd forgotten I had, that will become the focal point of the entire room.

After my dad passed away, my mom decided to come to San Diego to live for a while to see if she'd like it here. She met a woman, who, in her early 70's decided to learn how to oil paint. Her name was Mallie, and she was a doll. And a very good painter, too!

They lived near the beach, so of course, she painted beach scenes. But my favorite by her was a desert scene she'd given to my mom. So, she gave me one as well (they're almost identical), which I had framed and which now hangs in my living room.

When my mom passed away, I brought her picture back with me. My dad had made the frame from wood recovered from my grandfather's cider mill when they tore it down, so of course, it has very strong sentimental value to me.

Well, I found it, and decided it was PERFECT for my new bathroom! The colors are perfect and it opens up a color palette for me that I'd never considered until I tried it in there.

I'm so pleased with my "new" bathroom!

The master bath is on the list to be renovated, as well, but I had to order the shower pan, which won't be here for about 2 more weeks.

So, next on the list of "Things To Do" is tearing off the old patio (cover and cement) and re-doing that.

So, if I'm gone again for a while, just know that I'm "gophering" again - but I'll be back, I promise!

I HAVE been stamping a little during all of this. Both my brother and sister-in-law have birthdays in April, so here are the cards I made for them

Hope you're still stamping, too!

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