Thursday, August 5, 2010

More Sweet Shoppe Photos

I still have lots of photos of The Sweet Shoppe display to share with you, so without further ado...

Aren't these cookies yummy looking?

And how about these strawberries!!?

They look good enough to eat, too!

Candy! All made with dowel rods, card stock and ribbon!

In the background, you can see that they've also filled little dessert dishes with brads, buttons and other bling - all color coordinated!

There was a display for each of our Core Colors - that's FORTY different displays!

And, finally (for tonight at least) some candy bars -- there actually WERE candy bars inside these lovely items!

I would love to teach you how to make some of these beautiful things - think of how lovely they'd be as a centerpiece for a Thanksgiving or Christmas party!

Call me to book a workshop, and I'll be happy to show you those that I've figured out (or SU has given us directions for).

In the meantime, STAMP SOMETHING! And have fun while you're doin' it!

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